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Coming Home: Sticks & Squares


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Coming Home: Sticks & Squares

Visually we can break up grids and deconstruct their forms. The organic way in which our eyes create movement within the woven elements is shown through the repositioning of these pieces. Hand drawn lines create visual weight as well as guide us through a piece. Sticks & Squares is an exhibition of these principles.

While the mediums are different these same concepts are shown throughout. A flurry of red plastic shapes can create a visual storm when hung in space. On the other side, marks document the human path weaving in and out of other elements. The very act of weaving gives us another continuation of this concept. Breaking through the grid structure, patterns of colors and shapes are created. The grid can also be made to stand alone, bringing forward the shapes that are within it's structure. It is this system of lines and grids that not only form these shapes but hold them together.

Kate Garman, Guest Curator

Featuring works by:

Christine Mauersberger
Carrie Dickason
Ann Chuchvara
Mara Baker
Megan Gurisko
Mandy Cano Villalobos
Monica Lloyd
Rachel Marcincavage

This exhibition is presented with support from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Photo of work by Mara Baker by Robert Chase Heishman.


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