George Eberheart

Untitled,  2015, exterior paint. North Division St.

Untitled, 2015, exterior paint. North Division St.

As part of UICA's Exit Space Project, George Eberhardt installed Untitled on the retaining wall north of the I-196 underpass located on North Division. After a year at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Eberhardt found himself looking for more and transferred to Kendall College of Art and Design. In 2009, he co-founded the GR8, an eight member art collective. For the past seven years has helped to cultivate fine arts with youth in the community at West Michigan Center for Arts & Technologies (WMCAT) and the Granville Avenue Arts & Humanities Cook Arts Center. He is also a freelance artist who does everything from Live Art at the Pyramid Scheme, record covers, logo designs, t-shirt designs, paintings, murals, and more.  

Supporters: Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.