Hannah Berry + Ryan Klotz

Untitled, 2017, Paint, canvas, and oil pastel. 2 Fulton St. W Exit Space

Untitled, 2017, Paint, canvas, and oil pastel. 2 Fulton St. W Exit Space

Hannah Berry

When I was young, my mother always had a box of acrylics in the back of our basement. My discovery and subsequent use of them was short-lived. I later gravitated towards printmaking in my creative works. However, in the past fewyears, series of different paintings and illustrations emerged. Through my work with new process and materials I work through questions that I’ll never know the answers to. Who are we in the universe? Why are we here? What makes us come alive? Are we even alive? My work is the product of my own search for knowledge as well as an exercise of maintaining peace in the midst of encounters with the sublime. For me there is therapy in repetition of color and shape, replicating meticulous yet mindless vibrant circles over an over instills a calm within my work and soul. I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Art Education and am opening a gallery community center in Grand Rapids.

Ryan Klotz

Ryan Klotz is a visual artist and a recent graduate with a BFA in painting from Kendall College of Art and Design. His work is best known for the simplicity of his subject, the canvas. Through the blankness of the canvas he is able to explore the tensions between representations and the physical object. These tensions have propelled his work into other materials, such as plaster, in which he recreates the canvas surface through carving plaster blocks. He has received awards such as the Excellence Award in painting and sculpture from Grand Rapids Community College as well as the Studio Excellence Award from Kendall College of Art and Design. Ryan is currently living and working out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Monica Lloyd + Megan Stone + Kate Garman

Untitled, 2016, paint, yarn, mixed media. 2 Fulton St. Exit Space

Untitled, 2016, paint, yarn, mixed media. 2 Fulton St. Exit Space

Monica Lloyd:

Lloyd’s work explores larger ideas of pattern, primarily through drawings. Her work is about process, and a journey. Each piece begins with one point, each mark created based on the last; constantly stepping back, observing, and responding. Lloyd’s drawings play with shape, texture, mark making and color to build patterns that subtly, and intricately, interact with one another. The drawings aim to create a quiet space where the viewer can wander and rest.

Megan Stone:

Megan Stone's work explores the relationships between irregular and structural forms found in her surroundings. Through constant play in the studio with a wide range of tools such as scrapers, stencils, and brushes, the marks in each painting have a special role in the image. Every painting is made up of marks that are altered over and over until they convey the qualities of a form that the painting asks for. With the focus of creating something based on process, expressive gestures, the chaos of multiple layers and unexpected surprises are essential as the work transforms by playing with paint. Collaborating with other artists in the studio has been a productive way to engage in new processes and experiment with different materials. Megan is currently living and working in southeast Michigan.

Kate Garman:

Kate Garman's work is seen in two different branches of exploration, one of a studio based practice and one of a curatorial nature. Her studio work examines experimental sculpture pieces as well as drawings and videos that focus on the repetitive nature of the grid structure. The curatorial work largely encompasses the study of patterns and materials. One of her bigger projects has been the curation of a traveling textiles exhibition, Beyond Material. Of the five iterations some locations include, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Sierra Nevada College and Grand Valley State University. Kate is currently working towards her MFA in the Fiber and Material Studies program at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.

Nick Nortier

Sailing on the Winds of Change , 2015, exterior paint. N. Division.

Sailing on the Winds of Change, 2015, exterior paint. N. Division.

As part of UICA's Exit Space Project, Nick Nortier installed Sailing on the Winds of Change on the retaining wall of I-196 on N. Division in August of 2015. 

Nortier is the creative force behind Old Growth Creative. His focus is on murals, but he also illustrates and paints smaller scale panels and canvas, prints t-shirts, and cuts and installs vinyl decals. He has worked with clients such as Pabst Blue Ribbon, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., Experience GR, Mulligan's Pub, The Mitten Brewing Company, Avenue for the Arts, and the Grand Rapids symphony (MySymphony360). 

Supporters: Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.