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The UICA Fresh Pick award is given annually to a member of KCAD’s graduating class who shows a high level of talent and potential. Each winning artist is awarded a solo exhibit at UICA that year.

UICA 2017 Fresh Pick Bohan Li

2017 Fresh Pick Winner: Bohan Li

Bohan Li is an interdisciplinary artist from Grand Rapids, MI. Li's work is inspired by both real and imagined worlds and combines a variety of disciplines and mediums to create a multi-sensory experience. More about Bohan Li can be found on his website. Li's UICA solo exhibit opens March 1, 2018.

UICA Fresh Pick 2016 Eana Agopian

2016 Fresh Pick Winner: Eana Agopian

Inspired by the progressive and transformational nature of the creative process, this work draws upon themes of alchemy, psychology, and various modes of sensual perception to explore realms of the unknown. Allowing the materials and processes to guide the creation, a great depth of insight into the unseen aspects of the mind can be revealed, as if creating a new philosophy; illustrating visually that which cannot be explained through written language or science. Delving into underwater realms and the flexible nature of time and space, this work explores the mysteries of the world as illustrated by nature guides and encyclopedia diagrams. Removed from their original context, these images allow us to question what we know in our hearts and minds to be true, challenging them against the things we have been told to believe.
Agopian’s solo exhibition was view at UICA April 8 - August 6, 2017. More about Eana Agopian can be found on her website.

UICA Fresh Pick 2015 Lydia Boda

2015 Fresh Pick Winner: Lydia Boda

Lydia Boda Koster, a 2015 BFA graduate from the KCAD Functional Sculpture department, won the inaugural UICA Fresh Pick award. Koster is an artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan who’s work is rooted in memory and ritual. Boda’s meditative practice, itself a ritual, is paired with a deliberately complex and rigorous systematic process. This systematic process includes a strict set or rules for each material; her varied materials include paper, clay, wood, metal, and found objects. The resulting works are both a record of balancing between practice and process, and a collection of meticulous, ethereal sculptures and installations.