First Floor Gallery, Theater, and Lobby - Occupancy: 300

UICA First Floor Gallery

The addition of the First Floor Gallery to your UICA Theater and Lobby rental increases capacity and is ideal for larger events. Including the First Floor Gallery with your rental offers guests an exclusive look at the artwork on view in the current exhibition at UICA.

Weekdays (Tues–Wed, 8am–5pm)

  1. $350/hour

  2. $280/hour

  3. $245/hour

Weekday evenings (Tues–Wed, 5pm–11pm)

  1. $500/hour

  2. $400/hour

  3. $350/hour

  1. Standard rate

  2. Non-profit organizations with Federal tax-free number

  3. KCAD/FSU employees, faculty, and related events