Fourth Floor Galleries - Occupancy: 300

 Traditional Gallery

Traditional Gallery

 Black Box Gallery

Black Box Gallery

The Fourth Floor Galleries are perfect for banquets, lectures, and large gatherings. Enjoy the artwork on view and the stunning architecture of the space. The Galleries also offer access to restrooms and a staging kitchen for catering.

Weekdays (Mon–Fri, 9am–5pm)

  1. $350/hour

  2. $280/hour

  3. $245/hour

Weekday evenings (Tues–Thurs, 5–11pm)

  1. $500/hour

  2. $400/hour

  3. $350/hour

Weekends (Fri, 5–11pm & Sat–Sun, 10am–11pm)

  1. $600/hour

  2. $480/hour

  3. $420/hour

  1. Standard rate

  2. Non-profit organizations with Federal tax-free number

  3. KCAD/FSU employees, faculty, and related events