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UICA members receive half-priced movie tickets, free gallery admission and discounts at local retailers and restaurants.

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Staff Gallery

Miranda Krajniak
Executive Director

Art educator, storyteller, and lover of scotch, Miranda hails from a small farming community in Michigan, and enjoys hand sewing and life-endangering camping trips. Miranda works to create partnerships in the arts and business communities, while steering the UICA ship towards its mission.

DJ MC Cognac

Megan Bylsma
Associate Director

Photo Credit: Two Eagles Marcus

Photo Credit: Two Eagles Marcus

Megan comes from a small apple orchard in Northern Michigan, and thrives on the connections and energy that come from keeping Operations in line at UICA. In her spare time, she enjoys life-endangering camping trips.  Megan is a graduate of KCAD in graphic design, with a professional background in technology and training.
DJ The Commissioner

Will Olson
Retail and Guest Services Coordinator

Born in Pontiac and raised in the greater Grand Rapids area, Will brings three years of Museum experience along with over twelve years of customer service experience to UICA. An Alumni of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Will holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has spent the last decade engaging with, and working as part of the West Michigan creative community. A proud “cat person”, Will has 3 cats (Super Mini, Mustard, and Tails) who he posts about online (obsessively).

DJ Slapshot

Kristen Taylor
Development Officer

"Kristen Taylor"

Kristen is happiest connecting the business, cultural, and creative communities in Grand Rapids, her new home. Previously, she researched dolphins and people, published essays and columns, and ran a multi-channel retail store. She cooks and reads a little compulsively, often at the same time.
DJ The Doctor

Steven Rainey
Exhibitions Preparator

Steven Rainey

Steven is not only the Exhibitions Preparator at UICA, he also owns and operates a community printshop on the westside of Grand Rapids called Dinderbeck Studios. To Steven, reading backwards comes naturally and if it were up to him, a Welsh corgi would be the state animal and every meal would involve breakfast.
DJ Low Pressure System

Katherine Williams
Community Programs Coordinator

Photo Credit: Two Eagles Marcus

Photo Credit: Two Eagles Marcus

Katherine is a museum and art educator from Grand Rapids. As Kendall alumni, she brings with her a passion for printmaking, mixed media collage, and collaborating with other artists to create memorable works of art. As an educator, Katherine strives to provide members of the community with engaging and meaningful experiences with art and the creative process. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, assembling puzzles, and sipping Spanish wine. 

DJ Black on Black

Nick Hartman
Film Coordinator


Nick is a simple guy who loves cinema, heavy metal, and skateboarding. If he isn’t in a dark room watching movies, you can find him at his favorite Grand Rapids watering hole. Nick graduated with a degree in Film and Video from Grand Valley State University, and uses his knowledge to bring the best selection of films to the Grand Rapids community at the UICA Theater.
DJ Chainsaw

Brandon Belote
Audio & Video Technician

Brandon earned his BFA in Drawing from KCAD, and now supervises the technology in the UICA Film Theater. A nerd at heart, Brandon spends his time working on video projects and playing chess. He has shown in art and film festivals around the world, and started the Open Projector Film Series at UICA to help bring together filmmakers in West Michigan.
DJ Buzzkill

Katie Zychowski
Marketing Coordinator

Creative, collaborative, and notoriously verbose, Katie comes to UICA with a background in fine art, marketing, and communication, and loves sharing UICA with the community. When she’s not in the office, you can find her daydreaming, writing, or over-watering her plants. Katie holds a BFA in photography from Kendall College of Art and Design
DJ Crypt Keeper