Taylor Bultema - Retail and Guest Services Coordinator

UICA Retail and Guest Services Coordinator - Taylor Bultema

A Graduate of University of Michigan, Taylor holds a BFA focused in community arts, print-making, and ceramics. Although she is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to artistic mediums, Taylor’s passion is people. She loves assisting others, sharing experiences, and building relationships. She hasn’t always worked in the most expected guest services roles - her background includes teaching creative arts in a prison and working with patients in a behavioral/mental health facility. Taylor joins the UICA team to continue to share in experiences with people.

When she’s not connecting with people in The Shop at UICA, she enjoys baking intricate desserts and slow-cooking soups all day. You may also find her hiking sand dunes or walking around town with her headphones on bobbing her head to some hip-hop beats.


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