At UICA, we believe in the art of sustainability. We’re proud to be working towards a LEED Certification and take our responsibility as a civic and cultural leader seriously. 

We continuously strive to leave a lighter footprint and contribute daily to a more sustainable future. LEED certification is recognized globally as the premier mark of achievement in green building. We’re proud to showcase the ways in which we’re working towards earning our LEED status:

  • UICA recycles and composts. We’re conscious of the paper waste we produce and strive to reuse products like folders, printer paper, and more.

  • We take the stairs. To get around UICA, guests have the option to take the steps or the elevator.

  • We recycle our batteries and light bulbs year-round.

  • We love coffee at UICA and to satisfy our staff’s caffeine addiction, we drink our brew from reusable cups. Thanks to our partner, Rowster Coffee for supplying the best coffee in town.

  • Many of us walk, bicycle, and bus to work to help cut down on emissions and to work on our fitness.

  • We encourage guests to compost and recycle by providing small trash cans and visible waste receptacles.

  • We use cleaning products that are better for our environment. Our cleaning products are gentle on the earth but keep our spaces sparkling clean.

  • We’ve got drinking fountains on several floors at UICA. Instead of reaching for that bottled water, we’re staying hydrated without the plastic. Luckily, our partner Boxed Water is also environmentally conscious.

  • We’re a no smoking campus.

UICA Sorted Waste Bins
UICA Staff Reusable Mugs